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How CIOs can drive digital innovation through collaboration

CIOs drive innovation by building digital awareness, forming digital innovation teams, and creating innovative opportunities in the form of new products and services. This three step approach accelerates the innovation cycle and optimizes the leveraging of information and technology for competitive advantage.

Written by Phil Weinzimer15 March 16 01:54

For a future-ready IT organization, think multithreaded, not bimodal

Buying into bimodal IT is like a CIO owning acres of swampland, writes Richard Pastore of the CIO Executive Council. Even if the CIO builds one or two digital smart homes on the swamp, it’s still a bad, bad neighborhood.

Written by Richard Pastore24 Nov. 15 22:47

A New Dawn for System Design

Today an enterprise system must engage the workforce the same way Twitter, Facebook, Google and a galaxy of apps have engaged the masses. That means the next system we deploy cannot be the result of a traditional negotiation between business analysts and technologists. It must come from the same place as those consumer apps and Internet successes: the nexus of fast-paced, multi-disciplinary and human-focused development that doesn't look or act at all like the people or processes that created the systems of the last 30 years.

Written by Harold Hambrose17 July 14 04:08

Leadership needs wisdom

The challenges CIOs face require imagination before analysis, story before spreadsheets, brilliance before process, and conversation before solutions.

Written by Mark Strom02 Feb. 14 19:54

Technology procurement is like a marriage

A list of the basic 'don'ts' to consider before saying 'I do' to a technology investment - whether it is hardware, software or serviceswhether it is hardware, software or services.

Written by Simon Martin28 Oct. 13 07:38