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base2Services helps Tuned Global engage millions of new customers through scalability and AWS
By base2Services | 5/6/2019

Tuned Global recognised that their current system was limited in scale and geography – the two essential elements needed to deliver to potentially hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Tuned Global knew they needed to adapt their current physical and Softlayer infrastructure to ensure their system could scale to cope with the demands of such a massive customer base. Download our whitepaper to see how AWS can create faster and improved user experience.

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5 Practical Methods to Mind the Gap between Security and Digital Transformation
By Rackspace | 19/3/2019

Many companies are investing in implementing a cloud strategy as part of their digital transformation plans in order to realise increased scalability, efficiencies and drive innovation. Despite cybersecurity being front of mind for board members, many admit they do not have a strategy to tackle the ‘how, what, where and why’ questions related to data protection. In this eBook we will discuss why this is the case.

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Contoural Whitepaper: Building A Modern Information Governance Strategy
By Mimecast | 10/7/2019

This whitepaper discusses these information management challenges and details how they can be addressed through a modern Information Governance strategy. It talks about how companies can start implementing modern approaches to increase complpiance, but also reduce costs and risks, and drive productivity.

Information management is getting harder. Organizations face increasing data volumes, more stringent legal and regulatory record-keeping requirements, stricter privacy rules, increasing threat of breaches and decreasing employee productivity. Companies are also finding that their old-fashioned, legacy archive strategies are increasingly ineffective. This is driving many organizations to rethink their approach, developing more modern Information Governance strategies

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Starting out with disruptive technologies: Why a DevOps solution makes sense
By base2Services | 6/6/2019

Solutions that constantly add new features, change processes and somehow simplify things as they get more complex, tend to have the highest success in the engagement and acquisition of customers. The companies that employ a team to do this often give that team the flexibility to perform their tasks the way they want to do it - and more often than not they choose a DevOps approach. Download our whitepaper to find ways to reduce overall costs and improve your time to market.

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Does O365 Deliver Email Security & Resilience Enterprises Need
By Mimecast | 10/7/2019

A white paper from analyst firm ESG which reviews the security and resilience challenges of moving email to Office 365 and provides insights on how Secure Email Gateways can help address those challenges.

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