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The Instillery and Origin unite in mega merger

The Instillery and Origin have unveiled plans to merge businesses to create a tech provider capable of challenging tier-1 incumbents in New Zealand.

Written by James Henderson15 Aug. 19 11:30

Face to face with a virtual CIO

Barry White thrives in the ‘as a service’ economy, providing technology and business advice to a range of organisations.

Written by Divina Paredes11 Sept. 17 12:00

Avi Golan: How Air NZ unleashes digital transformation

At the recent CIO100 breakfast in Auckland, Air New Zealand’s first chief digital officer talks about customer experience, finding 10X talent and predicting the future.

Written by Divina Paredes06 April 17 10:00

Agile security in the cloud: Lessons from Xero

Previously, security was about having gates, but under the agile method we use guardrails so our developers stay on the road, rather than having to stop at a gate, writes Aaron McKeown of Xero.

Written by Edited by Divina Paredes29 June 16 06:30

Myles Ward of healthAlliance: The road to CEO

Myles Ward reveals what today's CTO needs to become a CEO, the role of his mentors in his career development and the need for a supportive network of your peers at every stage.

Written by Divina Paredes23 May 16 06:30

Digital, the 21st century gold rush

There are a lot of parallels between the California gold rush and what is going on today in the rush to digital, writes Owen McCall.

Written by Owen McCall12 May 16 06:30

Blockchain: Almost everything you read is wrong

We’re all used to hype, and we can forgive genuine enthusiasm for shiny new technologies, but many of the claims being made for blockchain are just beyond the pale, writes Steve Wilson of Constellation Research.

Written by Steve Wilson06 May 16 16:09