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CIO100 2018, #31-100: Cobus Nel, Transpower

‘‘IST in Transpower is more than just a provider of technology solutions,” says Cobus Nel, general manager, IST. "We are key enablers of change and support to achieving the strategic priorities of our business.

Written by CIO New Zealand28 March 18 08:30

CIO100 2018 #23:Timothy Kasbe, The Warehouse Group

“The nirvana of IT for any good CIO is to get out of the business’ way,” says Timothy Kasbe, chief information and digital officer at The Warehouse Group.

Written by Divina Paredes28 March 18 08:30

The dangers of 'groupthink'

Nigel Cameron has a question. Several questions actually. As the chief executive officer of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies (C-PET), Washington DC’s independent think tank on science and technology policy, his role is to ask questions to which nobody yet has the answers.

Written by Georgina Swan12 Aug. 11 14:39

Knowledge manager

For Natarajan (Nats) Subramanian, the constant factors in the management and technical aspects of the CIO position are more significant than variations from one industry sector to another.
The past half-dozen years have taken him on a varied and speedy course through telecommunications and software project management, to his current role as CIO of plastics manufacturing company Click Clack.

Written by Stephen Bell04 March 08 22:00

Winning the holiday shopping wars

Consumers may be duking it out for Nintendo Wiis in shopping aisles this year, but overall the battle for holiday spending dollars will be between the retailers. With consumers' awareness of a softening economy, retailers will be forced to into stiff competition for consumer dollars, according to the US National Retail Federation.
Sahir Anand, an analyst at the research consultancy Aberdeen Group, says this competitive landscape makes business intelligence critical. It represents the work of turning the massive customer and transaction data warehouses into useful guidance on everything from how to attract and deliver a great customer experience to what merchandise to stock and in what balance.

Written by Diann Daniel21 Nov. 07 22:00