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Why a Center of Excellence is Key for Digital Transformation

Today every sector, every industry is affected by technology changes. Technology is getting more accessible and affordable for everyone. Technology lifecycles are getting faster, and disruptive innovation is becoming easier and cheaper.

Written by JP Gotter16 June 17 07:44

AT&T: The CIO security checklist

In the age of big data, bring-your-own-devices and internet-connected supply chains, cybercrime is big business; and cyber security has never been higher on the C-suite agenda. Here are three steps CIOs can take in this environment.

Written by Vanessa Lew26 Nov. 14 04:00

Business class service in the clouds

Consumer cloud services evolve so fast that they create expectations unmatched by business services. Is the 'business class' cloud appearing on the horizon? Or is it something that enterprise customers and ICT should create together?

Written by James Walker05 April 14 03:00

What does Big Data offer the legal market?

Data size is not the issue. What is critically significant is the data that sits internally in all law firms, such as emails and documents, that can be mined within the confines of a law firm’s current data structure.

Written by Dave Maher24 March 14 08:00

Could your data be breaking the law?

As we move further into the information age, data is increasingly recognised as a precious asset requiring layers of protection and increasingly bound by legislation. Patents, copyright, intellectual property legislation and growing issues around “sensitive data” mean that the transmission of such data could become as risky as the smuggling of gold or diamonds. How can cloud computing thrive in such an environment?

Written by James Walker26 Feb. 14 06:30

Change: An unstoppable force of nature – and information technology

Regardless of industry or organisation, the unstoppable forces of change will impact how IT services are operated and delivered. Organisations that choose to remain static will see their carefully crafted castles eventually crumble into a pile of sand.

Written by Greg Hunt07 Nov. 13 10:47