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Excavating IT

When he started in 2002, as Macmahon Holdings' chief information officer, Jason Cowie found the company's IT division had a poor reputation for internal service.
Macmahon's business takes its employees to many inaccessible locations; its work includes the management of mines and infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and dams, across more than 50 locations and offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Written by Jack Loo03 July 08 22:00

Building for tomorrow

There can’t be many projects that involve moving four businesses into a single building, integrating information and communication systems comprising a multitude of servers and 14 separate networks and ensuring security and availability with a good deal of confidential information. This was the challenge that faced the New Zealand Defence Force in moving from its 60-year-old building in Wellington’s Stout Street, to a new base purpose-designed for today’s digitally intensive communications.
Richard Hitchcock, senior programme manager IT and telephony, directorate of communications and information systems strategy, was in charge of the move and upgrade. The scope of the project was “quite simple”, he says, euphemistically. “I had to reduce complexity, I had to eliminate the high cost of support; I had to increase employee productivity and to exceed our users’ expectations. I had to enable solutions to deliver best business value and improve and encourage co-operation.

Written by Stephen Bell10 June 08 22:00

Untangling the infrastructure blues

Upgrading core information technology systems is the bane of many a chief information officer's existence. It is a necessary and, for the majority, completely inescapable headache that is an integral part of a CIO's strategic focus.
But while many organisations have to live with embedded systems and outdated software, an upgrade is a chance for a CIO to learn from past mistakes and put in place a new system that is at least a little better or more stable than the last one.

Written by Michael Crawford25 Oct. 07 21:00