One more time: Use two-factor authentication on iCloud, even if there's a waiting period

Two-factor authentication might not have necessarily saved Jennifer Lawrence from getting hacked, but using it is still a good idea.

  • Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security: First, you have your username and password, something you know. But since it’s possible for someone else to crack your password, the second layer of two-factor authentication hinges on something you own, typically your smartphone. Once you log in, you’re sent a single-use security code, often as a text message, and you have to enter that too, to access your account. So if someone tries to log in with your password, but they don’t also have physical access to your phone to get that second security code, they can’t log in.

  • Dropbox lets you choose to get your security code by text message, or through another app—a handy alternative if you still pay for each text message.

  • This waiting period seems annoying at first, but it's actually a benefit.

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