In pictures: CIO Roundtable on 'Transforming the workplace'

ICT executives discuss the impact of new collaboration tools on the enterprise, and the skills needed to succeed in this new environment, in a CIO roundtable discussion with Spark Digital.

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Aaron O'Brien, CIO, Les Mills International

Roger Jones, chief technology officer, Auckland Transport

Alin Ungureanu, CIO, Oceania Healthcare

James Christopher, chief technology officer, UXC Oxygen

John Pye, director, associate director, applications and business intelligence, University of Auckland

Dave Wilson, regional manager for collaboration Cisco

Neil Gong, IS manager, NZMA

Leanne Buer, head of collaboration, Spark Digital

Pam Nobbs, head of IT, The Comfort Group

Simon Gillespie, GM national corporate, Spark Digital

Peter van Dyk, CIO, BEST Pacific Institute of Education

Vanessa Sorenson, business manager, commercial acquisition, Spark Digital

Divina Paredes, editor, CIO New Zealand (moderator)

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In pictures: CIO Roundtable on 'Transforming the workplace'

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