Inside Ricoh's ‘intuitive’ building

What is it like to work in a building with a five-star green rating? How does the shift impact the staff? A look inside the new headquarters of Ricoh New Zealand.

  • The building has a five-star Green rating, creating a healthy work environment for the 200 staff that were formerly based across three locations.

  • “This move has been on the cards for a while and we wanted to ensure we did it properly. The new building has more space, more sunlight and is less expensive to run,” says Mike Pollok, managing director, Ricoh NZ.

  • The building uses a third less energy per square meter than its conventional counterparts. The boardroom is set up to take a certain amount of CO2 so when there are too many people in the room, it sends in jets of fresh air. The building statistics are displayed on a live update screen at the reception.

  • “Involve the staff,” says Roly Smoldon, general manager, IT services. “You have got to get people comfortable with the building." Staff toured the building before the move "to get a feel" for the new office.

  • The facade is constructed using high performance glass and was among the first commercial building in the country to have a thermally broken double glazed curtain wall system. Ricoh says this means the window frames will not turn into a hotplate on a hot summer day.

  • Linda Wright, GM business solutions, Ricoh NZ, says one of the biggest change since the move is the increased level of collaboration across teams. "You can pull up a chair, or walk across the room to work through an issue."

  • Charley Peace (left), sustainability and communications champion at Ricoh, says moving to a new office is a good opportunity to roll out new technologies. “If you are refreshing the environment, that would be a great time to look at innovation in your own business and streamlining process improvements."

  • The building’s central staircase encourages staff to walk between floors - it saves energy and gives staff time to admire the living ‘green’ wall.

  • Ian Griffiths, IT services manager, at the server room of Ricoh.

  • A meeting room with a view, not a smoker's area.

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