Traction Watch: A look at why 5 tech startups failed

Here's your chance to learn from their mistakes as we look back at memorable tech startups and why they failed to gain traction.

  • "After several months of testing and refining, we reasonably concluded that we were executing well and collecting good data — it told us that there wasn’t enough demand to support the cost model,"Outbox says in a statement.

  • "It’s incredibly frustrating to try and try and try, and when you finally start to get some good traction you fall off a cliff," says Nikki Durkin

  • "At the time, I really believed there was a chance we were doing something that would sell. And I couldn’t have been more wrong," says Ivaylo Kalburdzhiev

  • "The bottom line was that we didn’t build something that enough people wanted," says Schuyler Deerman.

  • "I had run out of ideas on how to turn things around, how to make people buy our product," says Michal Bohanes.

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