Networking dangers: Beware of trolls, criminals and colleagues!

What value is there in connecting to someone we don’t like just because of their position? 'None,' writes Bradley de Souza.

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  • 7 - The shadow channels will challenge tradition 2017 represents a defining year for the Australian technology industry, with the changing of the channel guard underway, driven by a leading group of upstarts. Billed as a shadow channel, these players are leaving the traditionalists behind, forging new futures through technological innovation and refreshed go-to-market strategies. According to one industry expert, the shadow channel is a “broad and diverse group” of companies from all backgrounds who engage, influence, recommend and even resell technology to lines of business. Spanning ISVs, consultants, born-in-the-cloud providers, start-ups and industry-based professional services firms, the shadow channels are growing in prominence across Australia, widening the competitive partner landscape as a result.

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