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  • Chinese company reveals 3D printed buildings

    It might not exactly sound appealing to live in, but a Chinese company has constructed two buildings using a 3D printer that recycles industrial waste to form new building material.

    Written by Michael Kan20 Jan. 15 21:23
  • Hands on with MakerBot's 3D printed wood

    3D printing has lost its novelty value a bit, but new printing materials that MakerBot plans to release will soon make it a lot more interesting again.

    Written by James Niccolai07 Jan. 15 12:00
  • In Pictures: The worst of 3D printing hype

    Undoubtedly, 3D printing is a groundbreaking technology with the potential to change the world. However, the technology has been over-hyped lately, so much so that some experts anticipate consumers will be largely disappointed with the technology’s reality.

    Written by Colin Neagle06 Aug. 13 09:04