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  • What CIOs think of Snow Leopard and iPhone 3G S

    Businesses had much to cheer about after Apple unveiled Snow Leopard and iPhone 3G S at its WWDC event last week. Apple, which traditionally prioritises business needs below consumer ones, hinted at a change of heart by announcing Exchange support and security features in its flagship products.
    IT leaders in charge of supporting Apple products who we talked to this week were generally excited about the new Snow Leopard and iPhone 3G S. They sounded off about many features - not just Exchange support-and their plans to take advantage of the tweaks. Yet they also tempered their enthusiasm about some of the flashier features such as iPhone video clip creation.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige14 June 09 22:00
  • Cost cutting helps ease AAPT's pain

    The Australian arm of Telecom NZ, AAPT, has ambitiously forecast achieving earnings of up to $200 million in five years even as its parent company confirmed an earnings decline that will not be reversed until 2011.
    Speaking at an investor briefing for Telecom NZ in Sydney yesterday, AAPT chief executive Paul Broad was frank about the consecutive losses incurred by the division but said cost cutting and gains in its wholesale business should help the unit turn around.

    Written by Tracy Lee and Ulrika Hedquist10 April 08 22:00
  • New ring tones

    AAPT, the troubled Australian arm of Telecom NZ, is set to turn the corner this month as it moves into cash flow-positive territory for the first time.
    Chief executive Paul Broad said operating costs had come down and the culture of the company was changing to reflect its true position in the Australian market.

    Written by Tracy Lee01 Oct. 07 22:00