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  • Trim your governance and get agile: CBA’s Stuart Mitchell

    Organisations must trim the layers of governance built up over many years for traditional waterfall tech projects or fall victim to more agile startups, says CommBank’s senior agile coach, Stuart Mitchell.

    Written by Byron Connolly23 June 17 11:14
  • How CIO Pradip Sitaram turned around a messy, untrusted IT environment

    Most people looking at a messy spaghetti ball of disparate IT systems, with a traditional work culture, would probably say 'no thanks'. But not Pradip Sitaram, who took on that challenge five years ago when he joined Enterprise Community Investment in the US as CIO.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett14 July 15 15:46
  • Making the case for Agile

    Agile methodology is moving out of the software development team and becoming a core part of IT and business collaboration.

    Written by Tim Mendham16 April 14 09:30