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  • Facebook and Parse started talking in 2011, Parse's CEO says

    Facebook has laid out big plans in recent months to simplify the app development process by acquiring Parse. But the social network actually had its eye on the cloud service company for years, and at one point the two considered a different partnership.

    Written by Zach Miners06 Sept. 13 00:21
  • Android tablets stifle iPad growth in ANZ, says IDC

    The ANZ media table market doubled in Q2 2011, says IDC. The growth was driven by multiple launches of Android-based devices and the researchers say these will soon be joined by other players such as the recently announced Amazon Kindle Fire.
    According to IDC’s “ANZ Quarterly Media Tablet and eReader Tracker (2011, Q2)”, 420,000 tablets shipped in this period. Australia contributed to 87.5 percent of the total shipments.
    “The market expansion was a combined effort of early adopters refreshing devices purchased last year and new users who were interested in a media tablet as a complementary device, with some waiting for more non-Apple variety,” says Yee-Kuan Lau, market analyst for IDC ANZ. “That said, there is still strong demand for Apple's iPad 2 since its launch at the end of March.
    “The supply-side push from the new Android players in the market, particularly amongst the traditional PC hardware vendors, has caused a large rollout of stock into national retailers to strengthen their brand presence. However, at this stage, most vendors were testing the initial market response by introducing WiFi-only models.”
    Apple iPad’s market share declined to 74.6 percent, despite doubling in volume from Q1. Android-based tablets tripled in volume from Q1 and now take up close to 25 percent of the total ANZ market size. The rest of the shipments went to RIM’s PlayBook.
    IDC says Acer led the Android market in Q2 “with strong sell-through thanks to being one of the first few to launch a Honeycomb device”.
    "We expect the strong brand presence, the user experience and the halo effect to help maintain Apple’s dominance in the market despite the multiple launches of Android-based media tablets,” adds Lau.
    IDC says the response to HP’s TouchPad “fire sales in ANZ” after the vendor announced it had ceased support for the product is evidence of how important price points are for consumers looking for a tablet device. IDC analysts expect, however, that the WebOS share will shrink to zero by Q4 2011.
    The company expects Android-based tablets to reach at least 300,000 units by the end of 2011. However, Apple is expected to remain the dominant player “with more than 70 percent market share”. IDC predicts that 1.3 million units will have been shipped into the ANZ channel by the end of the current year.

    Written by CIO New Zealand28 Sept. 11 22:00