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  • TechEd2014: Commodity cloud services are on a race to zero - Microsoft

    We are just at the starting point when it comes to price wars between competing global cloud providers and customers will continue to benefit from falling costs, according to Steven Martin, GM for cloud and enterprise at Microsoft.

    Written by Sathya Mithra Ashok09 Sept. 14 14:00
  • Drones are the new

    Everyone, from Amazon to Google to Martha Stewart, has been lauding the benefits we'll all reap by the use of drones, and there's a gold rush on to cash in on the technology. But beware: The trend has all the hallmarks of a bubble-in-the-making, the contemporary equivalent of that symbol of the excess of the millennial tech bubble, the now-defunct

    Written by Preston Gralla09 Sept. 14 03:23
  • Gartner: Best practices for Amazon AWS security

    The Amazon AWS cloud service is fine for enterprise workloads and applying security controls such as encryption and firewalls is possible, though more security vendors need to step up to support Amazon's EC2 service, according to the Gartner analysis presented today.

    Written by Ellen Messmer26 June 14 06:08
  • Goodbye stupid software patents?

    If you haven't been following this story it may (hopefully) turn out to be a milestone in the history of software patents: The story concerns a US financial institution, CLS Bank, and an Australian software company that holds a patent on software used to mediate escrow for financial transactions. CLS argued that the process of escrow is centuries old and therefore not patentable while Alice argued that computerizing the process met the criteria for patentability.

    Written by Mark Gibbs22 June 14 00:18
  • Hacker puts 'full redundancy' code-hosting firm out of business

    A code-hosting and project management services provider was forced to shut down operations indefinitely after a hacker broke into its cloud infrastructure and deleted customer data, including most of the company's backups.

    Written by Lucian Constantin20 June 14 00:33
  • FCC commissioner calls for delay in net neutrality vote

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission should delay its scheduled May 15 vote on a new net neutrality proposal because of public outcry that the rules aren't strong enough, a commissioner said.

    Written by Grant Gross08 May 14 23:34