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  • How to use a strong passcode to better secure your iPhone

    With at least two companies selling technology that can be used by law enforcement and government agencies to unlock iPhones, this would be a good time to safeguard your information with a stronger passcode. Here's how.

    Written by Lucas Mearian19 April 18 05:32
  • How IBM plans to expand MobileFirst for iOS program

    IBM's MobileFirst for iOS initiative is now well into its third year. The head of the program and two of its customers talk to about progress, challenges and plans for 2017.

    Written by Matt Kapko03 Feb. 17 09:55
  • 5 strategic moves that show Apple is more CIO-friendly

    Apple can no longer ignore cries of help from its enterprise customers. Call them marriages of necessity, but Apple is striking corporate deals that make it more friendly to CIOs. We look at five of those partnerships.

    Written by Clint Boulton20 Dec. 16 02:44
  • With Watson Element, Apple and IBM aim to transform education

    Apple and IBM this week released their first iOS app for academia. IBM Watson Element for Educators is designed to blend student data with curriculum and cognitive technology to improve and enhance personalized education for K-12 students.

    Written by Matt Kapko22 Oct. 16 23:00
  • Cisco spotlights iOS 10's best business features

    Apple's latest version of iOS comes packed with features for Cisco's corporate customers. At least 30 organizations have already tested the iOS enhancements, and Cisco says they saw significant IT management gains.

    Written by Matt Kapko15 Sept. 16 00:46
  • CIOs express mixed emotions on Apple’s enterprise evolution

    Not all IT leaders are happy with Apple choice to largely keep the enterprise at arm's length, but the company has made notable progress in business. These developments, large and small, helped changed the IT industry's perception of Apple.

    Written by Matt Kapko11 Aug. 16 22:00
  • Should Apple worry about Microsoft-IBM deal?

    IBM’s new partnership with Microsoft nearly mirrors a deal the enterprise giant struck with Apple in 2014. But that’s where the similarities end.

    Written by Matt Kapko22 July 16 01:27
  • Apple purposefully avoids enterprise at WWDC

    Enterprise definitely was not the star of Apple's show at WWDC last week. The company barely mentioned business users or developers during the opening keynote, but it did introduce several improvements that should have far reaching implications for enterprise coders and IT.

    Written by Matt Kapko21 June 16 05:09
  • Apple's enterprise partnerships, big and small, start to pay off

    Apple is slowly strengthening its foothold in the enterprise through a series of partnerships with established providers of business services, large and small. Here's a breakdown of what's working, from the perspective of Apple's leading business partners, as well as how the pacts benefit CIOs.

    Written by Matt Kapko02 June 16 22:00
  • SAP design chief talks details of Apple deal

    SAP's chief design officer says modern workers have high expectations for the enterprise apps they use each day, and the company's recent deal with Apple is designed to elevate business software and enhance the overall SAP user experience.

    Written by Matt Kapko10 May 16 23:01
  • Why Apple no longer needs an iPhone 'wow factor'

    Apple product reveals used to be watershed moments for the technology industry, but today Apple innovates in increments, as demonstrated by the new iPhone SE and smaller iPad Pro, and consumers continue to purchase Apple devices in droves.

    Written by Matt Kapko24 March 16 00:46
  • CIOs upbeat on iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro

    Apple revealed a pair of new devices this week that look strikingly similar to products it released years ago. However, the smaller sizes, and corresponding lower price points, of the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro have kindled new interest among CIOs and other IT professionals.

    Written by Matt Kapko23 March 16 01:07