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  • Android expected to outdo rivals in OS game

    Google's Android operating system is expected to outdo its rivals worldwide, according to a recently released statement by Canalys.
    Market analysis firm Canalys said Android "will grow more than twice the rate of major competitors in 2011" even though there are some challenges, particularly in the United States.

    Written by Veronica C. Silva22 Jan. 11 22:00
  • Apple stays quiet about Jobs' future

    Apple executives answered questions about the company's products and the state of the Korean technology market Tuesday, but they offered no insight into the most pressing issue before the world's most valuable technology company: Is Steve Jobs coming back?

    Written by Robert McMillan19 Jan. 11 11:13
  • With Apple's Jobs on leave, many questions and few answers

    With Steve Jobs taking another medical leave, Apple customers, investors, partners and employees are again left to wonder what implications this will have for the company's stock, financial performance, product development and business operations.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez18 Jan. 11 04:55
  • 10 IT-related predictions for 2011

    We were wrong -- so far -- that Carol Bartz would be ousted as Yahoo CEO by the end of this year, but we were right that Apple's tablet, whose name wasn't known at the end of last year, would be huge. OK, so that second one was probably a given, but not all of our 2010 predictions were so easy. We think the same is true with our 2011 predictions.

    Written by Nancy Weil21 Dec. 10 01:46
  • Take your reading on the road

    CIO New Zealand is combining with its sister publications Reseller News, Computerworld, Unlimited and PC World to develop a mobile application, and we want you to tell us what you’d like to see in an app that combines our technology and business titles.

    Written by CIO New Zealand15 Dec. 10 22:00
  • CIOs and the ‘app store effect’

    Of the many consequential effects of the "app store" phenomenon, there is one staring down IT departments today: Not only does your average consumer now expect application selection, purchase and delivery to be pretty darn seamless, so too does your smartphone-toting knowledge worker and line-of-business manager.
    If the app store can do it, the thinking goes, then why can't my corporate IT department roll out that Web-based application just as easily and quickly?

    Written by Thomas Wailgum31 Oct. 10 22:00
  • iPad enterprise invasion and security risks

    IT organisations have come to a stunning realisation: There is no stopping the great iPad enterprise invasion. Risks abound as companies must deal with securing iPad apps without much help from Apple, says Julie Palen, senior VP of mobile device management at Tangoe, a telecom expense management software and services provider.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige30 Oct. 10 03:59
  • Apple flies into Qantas lounges

    Qantas has announced plans to kit out its club members' lounges at airports across the country exclusively with Apple technology before the end of the year.
    The agreement with Apple is an attempt by the airline to set itself apart from market rival Virgin Blue by aligning with the consumer electronics giant's popular technology.

    Written by Brian Corrigan25 Oct. 10 22:00
  • Cyclone Computers becomes Apple reseller

    Cyclone Computers’ appointment as an Apple Authorised Education Reseller (AAER) is seen by the company’s managing director, Richard Morgan, as an opportunity to drive significant increase in delivery of educational content through digital media.
    The appointment means that Cyclone Computers can now sell Apple’s range of MacBook Pros, iMacs, iPods and iPads to educational bodies within New Zealand.

    Written by Reseller New Zealand staff24 Oct. 10 22:00
  • Four things we learned from Apple earnings

    Another booming quarter, Apple products in high gear, and a surprise visit from a fired up Steve Jobs made for one heck of an earnings call Monday. "As most of you know, I don't usually participate in Apple's earnings calls," Jobs says, adding, "But I couldn't help dropping by for our first $20 billion quarter."

    Written by Tom Kaneshige20 Oct. 10 04:46
  • Windows Phone 7: Winners and losers

    Microsoft has owned the tech conversation this week after its announcement of Windows Phone 7 - a complete mobile rebirth for Microsoft with technology that looks nothing like the previous version of Windows Mobile.
    A major aspect of that conversation: Does WP7 have a chance to make inroads in a market dominated by established players Apple, RIM and Google.

    Written by Shane O'Neill13 Oct. 10 22:00
  • Building a better wireless network

    More and more iPhones, iPads, BlackBerries, Droids, netbooks and even game consoles began appearing on Bryant & Stratton College's campuses - and CIO Ernest Lehman worried they'd lead to big trouble.
    These "crazy" mobile devices, he says, tapped unsecured and unmanaged "grandma" wireless networks at the college's multiple campuses across four states in the US (New York, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin). Moreover, students, administrators and professors wanted to use their mobile devices to access the college's Web portal, get data about classes and grades, and conduct research.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige09 Sept. 10 22:00
  • Three areas where FUD needs to stop

    There is a new breed of animal appearing in the infosec community, according to Dr. Jimmy Blake, chief security officer for Mimecast, a cloud-services company based in London, and host of the blog Cloud Computing and Bad Behavior.
    The new breed is what he calls the "attention monger" (he actually used a more colorful word, but we toned it down for this article.) The attention monger is courting headlines with the media that add no real value to information security.

    Written by Joan Goodchild26 Aug. 10 22:00
  • The lowdown on iPhones in the enterprise

    Sightings of iPhones and iPads inside companies are becoming more common, to the chagrin of those IT departments that prefer the enterprise-class features of the BlackBerry. One of the reasons: Apple has cleared some of the more daunting security hurdles, according to Forrester Research.
    Forrester has even recommended seven steps CIOs should take for stronger enterprise iPhone security. Nevertheless, the iPhone and iPad still face a few barriers to greater enterprise adoption, mostly in the purview of device management, Forrester points out in a recent research note.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige10 Aug. 10 22:00