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  • Apple announces NZ iPad release date

    Apple has announced the release of the iPad tablet to New Zealand buyers.
    The highly-anticipated device will be available on Friday, July 23 according to a press release from the company based in Cupertino, California.

    Written by Luke Appleby19 July 10 22:00
  • Smartphones Ride Tsunami of Demand

    During the next 90 days, consumer demand for smartphones will reach tsunami heights, according to a study released this week by ChangeWave Research. Despite recent troubles, Apple's iPhone 4 will be out in front along with HTC's Droid Incredible, while RIM's BlackBerry risks falling further behind.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige16 July 10 03:21
  • Renaissance appoints Apple products GM

    Renaissance has appointed Guy McKee as its general manager of Apple products.
    The company says it is a new role which falls under the products business. It previously had a separate Apple division, which included long-serving channel manager Janet Bailey who is leaving the company.

    Written by Reseller News Staff14 July 10 22:00
  • Take a tablet

    Apple founder and chief executive Steve Jobs might seem like an unusual candidate to start a revolution in medicine, but don't tell that to your average general practitioner.
    After decades of struggling with poor and clunky proprietary applications that have cost billions to develop but still can't talk to each other, doctors and clinicians fed up with waiting for any progress on ¬e-health have started to take matters into their own hands – literally.

    Written by Julian Bajkowski09 June 10 22:00
  • How Steve Jobs Beats Presentation Panic

    Steve Jobs had a serious and embarrassing Wi-Fi problem to deal with. It was plain to the thousands in attendance and the tons more people watching online: On Monday at WWDC, Jobs was struggling with wireless connectivity while attempting to demonstrate the new features of Apple's iPhone 4.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum09 June 10 08:25
  • iPad not the ‘silver bullet’ to secure the future of traditional media

    Despite forecasting a ‘gold-rush effect’ that will see the total value of downloaded applications on the iPad hitting $68.8m this year and $511.8m in 2011, research firm Ovum believes Apple’s much-hyped tablet device alone will fail to secure the future of news and magazine publishing.

    Written by CIO New Zealand30 May 10 22:00
  • Asia leads global iPhone growth

    In the past 12 months, Asia has seen a massive increase in Apple iPhone users, the strongest take-up of Apple devices in the world.
    This is according to the April 2010 Metrics Report by mobile advertising network AdMob.

    Written by Ross O. Storey27 May 10 22:00
  • iPad’s fast lane to success

    It's too soon to call the iPad a game-changing tech success story, but that lofty title gets closer by the week. With soaring sales, huge gains as an e-reader, real cuts into the netbook market, and sky-high (albeit early) customer satisfaction rates, the iPad's biggest challenge has been living up to all of the pre-launch hype.
    "One million iPads in 28 days - that's less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve this milestone with iPhone," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs on May 3, only three days after the 3G version had hit the market.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige23 May 10 22:00
  • Five technology security myths busted

    Think you can hide behind the privacy of an "unlisted" mobile phone number? Think again. Maybe you believe you don't need security software on a Mac or iPad. You'd swear that Firefox is the safest browser in town. Wrong on both counts.
    Most of us don't think about security for our digital devices until something goes wrong, or it's time to renew an anti-virus subscription. But what the security experts like to call the threat landscape changes all the time, and keeping up is hard to do. So we'll save you some time. Here are five current facts that you probably don't know about digital security --but should.

    Written by Bill Snyder03 May 10 22:00
  • The road warrior’s quandary

    All too often, the cries for mobility have come from vendors trying to sell you devices and add-on software. But in today's field sales and support environments, the business drivers to support road warriors are crystal clear. Many of your sales reps work from their home office. And all of your field force is supposed to be at client sites, not sitting at their desks in headquarters.
    The good news is that the technology for on-the-road CRM is really here, mature even if not perfect. And the devices that you need to run CRM on are the devices that most of your field force already has: laptops, 3G/4G cards, and a RIM or iPhone device. Remote access to CRM is available almost everywhere it's needed worldwide.

    Written by David Taber06 April 10 22:00
  • Will iPad change your industry?

    If you think the iPad is just a big iPod Touch for Fanboy consumers, think again.
    The nearly 10-inch touchscreen will open the door to a variety of never-seen-before uses, say iPhone developers. Many developers told about iPad apps in the works. They spoke under condition of anonymity because their clients don't want them talking about the apps yet.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige05 April 10 22:00
  • Macs at work

    More and more employees wish their companies would give them Macs. After all, Macs are powerful, sleek-looking machines that also run iTunes and Guitar Hero.
    Yet Macs at work have their own quirks. Just ask Tom Kelly of Healthcare IP Partners, a 60-employee technology service provider for hospitals. He led a sweeping effort to bring Macs into a Windows-only enterprise a couple of years ago.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige23 March 10 23:00
  • iPad frustration

    What are your plans next Saturday?
    If you're an avid Apple fan, chances are you'll be waiting in a long line for hours to fork out US$500 to get your hands on a newly minted iPad. Then you'll race home (or to your nearest wi-fi hot spot) and start downloading cool iPad apps.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige21 March 10 23:00
  • Mobile phones edge PCs in social network use

    Mobile devices are the preferred tools by social network site (SNS) users over PCs in at least four Asian countries, according to a recent IDC survey report.
    The report titled Examining Usage, Perceptions, and Monetization: The Coming of Age for Social Network Sites in Asia/Pacific said more than 50 per cent of respondents in China, India, South Korea and Thailand access social networks such as Facebook weekly via mobile phones.

    Written by MIS Asia staff21 Nov. 09 22:00