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  • CIO newsletter giveaway: New book ‘CEO of Earth’

    CIO has one copy of the book CEO of Earth: A Ground-breaking Guide to Building the Ultimate Brand, to give away.
    The book is written by Simon Hammond, one of Australia’s leading branding gurus, and published by Wiley.

    Written by CIO New Zealand staff16 Nov. 09 22:00
  • IT managers face Mac-Windows challenges

    Bringing OS X into a Windows environment isn't easy, as results from a survey released early this week show. The Enterprise Desktop Alliance surveyed more than 300 IT managers and found that a vast majority see room for improvement in the current management capabilities for Macs in the enterprise.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige10 March 09 22:00
  • Meet Microsoft's biggest enemy

    In a meeting with financial analysts last week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer laid out who he thinks are the biggest threats today to Windows on the client side. Surprisingly, Apple wasn't number one. It wasn't number two or three either.

    Written by Shane O'Neill04 March 09 22:00
  • Apple vs. Microsoft in the recession ring

    Microsoft recently cut 1,400 jobs of its planned 5,000 person layoff-and it's not alone. Other big tech companies like IBM, Sprint Nextel and Google are also laying off people by the thousands. So how is it that Apple is still sailing along? It has the consumer to thank.
    According to Rob Enderle, principal analyst at The Enderle Group, Apple is still driving people to products despite the economic downturn. Apple is still a "consumer company" and its success isn't based on contracts, except really for iTunes, which is only a minor part of its revenue.

    Written by Ashley Laurel Wilson02 Feb. 09 22:00
  • New rival for Apple's MacBook Air laptop emerges

    Rumors about a rival to Apple's MacBook Air first emerged a few weeks ago in the form of Dell's much anticipated Adamo. Yet although other big name companies like Toshiba,, Samsung, HP and MSI have created their own slim laptops, there seems to be extra hype surrounding Dell's Adamo. The question is, will the Adamo, or even MSI's X-Slim Series X320, win this round as the thin laptop favourite?

    Written by Ashley Laurel Wilson27 Jan. 09 22:00
  • Events that kept the Apple CEO in the spotlight

    Being the CEO of a company worth more than US$100 billion makes a person newsworthy -especially if that CEO is Steve Jobs and that company is Apple. Maker of innovative technologies like the Macintosh, the iPod and the iPhone, Apple's reputation has also been shaped by its sometimes controversial front man, Steve Jobs.

    Written by Ashley Laurel Wilson10 Jan. 09 22:00
  • Phoney war is raging

    Thanks to the power of Apple's marketing machine, it's likely most people have heard of the iPhone - and want one.
    But it's far less likely at this stage that employers will foot the bill to kit their workers out with the coveted handsets, and corporate technology departments are all but certain to bar iPhone owners from putting the device on the company network as well.

    Written by Ben Woodhead21 Aug. 08 22:00
  • Saying yes to Macs when your company says no

    Will Weider has used Macs since he paid US$3,000 for a Mac Plus-also known as the "Fat" Mac-in 1984 and shelled out another $600 for 512kb of extra memory.

    Written by Robert Lemos08 April 08 22:00
  • Macworld products that IT executives had better know about

    Macworld used to be a consumer show. Macs were used primarily by individual users and perhaps some small businesses. Enterprise adoption was limited to the "creatives" (the weird guys with the earring and noticeable hairdo, who nevertheless could create marvelous marketing material) and to school districts where Apple hardware had a long history.
    You might not recognize that reputation by this year's conference in San Francisco. Oh sure, there's plenty to keep an end user happy, from mailing label software to a Mac Bible concordance app to podcast creation tools. You'll still find an excess of iPod sleeves. And your creative departments are sure to come back with a long list of software they demand you add to the IT budget, such as graphics applications and Web tools.

    Written by Esther Schindler17 Jan. 08 22:00