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  • Integrating social media is hard to do

    Consumers check in on Foursquare. Your employees chat with customers on Facebook. Everyone tweets. Social media is everywhere, right? Not quite.

    Written by Kim S. Nash29 March 11 06:11
  • Take the guesswork out of business relationships

    We all understand the advantages partnering can bring to business. But, as any CIO who has had to negotiate a partnership-gone-bad knows, adversity is not often a good bedfellow when it comes to keeping partners — and your CEO — happy.

    Written by Georgina Swan27 March 11 01:29
  • Forrester: Cloud is test bed for collaboration

    Cloud platforms are increasingly the "test bed for new collaborative experiences" in the enterprise, analyst Gene Leganza told Forrester's Enterprise Architecture Forum in London yesterday.

    Written by Anh Nguyen17 March 11 01:05
  • IE9: Five changes CIOs should care about

    Internet Explorer 9, which becomes generally available tonight at an event at the South by Southwest show in Austin, Texas, has come to the end of the browser's most elaborate release process.

    Written by Shane O'Neill16 March 11 04:14
  • How SaaS will impact six key software categories

    As more sourcing executives consider incorporating SaaS solutions into their overall technology vendor landscape, the potential to significantly disrupt the current software market grows. And while SaaS adoption is expected to expand in the coming years, the challenge for sourcing professionals will be a lack of uniform adoption across the whole software market. In some software categories, SaaS will be a disruptive technology, in others the only option, and in many cases SaaS will have minimal impact.

    Written by Liz Herbert and Andrew Bartels, Forrester Research02 March 11 06:12
  • HP buying Vertica for analytics

    Hewlett-Packard announced Monday it plans to buy data warehousing and analytics vendor Vertica for an undisclosed sum.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus15 Feb. 11 02:26
  • SAP preps 'huge' BI upgrade

    SAP is gearing up to launch Business Objects 4.0, its biggest BI (business intelligence) release in roughly three years, later this month at an event in New York.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus09 Feb. 11 02:29
  • Inside an enterprise Salesforce Chatter rollout

    In 2009, Den-Mat, dental equipment manufacturing company based in California, ran on severely outdated IT. Employees relied on a 30 year-old legacy AS400 ERP green screen system with antiquated applications. Communication between departments was nearly nonexistent and processes were paper-heavy, says Jonathan Green, VP of IT. On top of that, the business faced a 48 per cent turnover rate for new employees, which was directly related to its old platform.

    Written by Kristin Burnham03 Feb. 11 06:07
  • With Apple's Jobs on leave, many questions and few answers

    With Steve Jobs taking another medical leave, Apple customers, investors, partners and employees are again left to wonder what implications this will have for the company's stock, financial performance, product development and business operations.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez18 Jan. 11 04:55
  • Microsoft turns up the heat on, Oracle

    Microsoft announced Monday that its Dynamics CRM Online software is now available in 40 markets around the world, bringing it in closer competition with and Oracle's CRM on Demand.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus18 Jan. 11 04:01
  • 10 IT-related predictions for 2011

    We were wrong -- so far -- that Carol Bartz would be ousted as Yahoo CEO by the end of this year, but we were right that Apple's tablet, whose name wasn't known at the end of last year, would be huge. OK, so that second one was probably a given, but not all of our 2010 predictions were so easy. We think the same is true with our 2011 predictions.

    Written by Nancy Weil21 Dec. 10 01:46
  • SAP's not-so-secret weapon: Its own CIO

    Before Oliver Bussmann took the job of CIO of SAP in September 2009, he Googled the terms "SAP" and "CIO" in hopes of finding out about the top tech role as it existed then.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum15 Dec. 10 04:51