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  • CIO upfront: Data is king in age of disruption

    Employees will need to apply the right technologies – automation, analytics and artificial intelligence – to data to identify growth opportunities, innovate and nip problems in the bud, writes Suraj Sowki of Accenture NZ.

    Written by CIO New Zealand24 May 18 06:00
  • Why an AIibaba chief scientist says we shouldn't fear AI

    Alibaba’s chief scientist and associate dean of machine intelligence and technology, Xiaofeng Ren, dispels the doomsday scenario that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace humans, but instead insists it will provide useful and practical services.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien17 May 18 11:22
  • Will AI take our jobs? That’s up to us!

    Whilst we will see an overall improvement in quality of life, this may not be the case for everyone. It’s important to have open conversations around how we want companies and governments to manage this change.

    Written by Victor Yuen14 May 18 06:51
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  • Who’s in charge of AI in the enterprise?

    As artificial intelligence continues to make inroads in the workplace, the managerial reporting lines can get a bit murky.

    Written by John Dodge15 Feb. 16 22:53
  • How Apple's privacy stance could give Google an AI edge

    "We at Apple reject the idea that our customers should have to make tradeoffs between privacy and security," said Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier this month during an Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) event where he was honored for corporate leadership. "We can and we must provide both in equal measure."

    Written by Matt Kapko24 June 15 00:42

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  • Artificial Intelligence With The Human Touch

    Companies are leveraging AI embedded in their customer engagement platforms to gain efficiencies, increase agent productivity, deliver better customer experiences, and, ultimately, transform operations by uncovering new revenue streams.