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  • Under the influence of ‘avastars’

    ‘Virtual’ or computer-generated social media influencers have growing appeal and influence. Frith Tweedie of EY asks, can New Zealand’s advertising standards and laws keep up?

    Written by CIO New Zealand26 March 19 06:30
  • Soul Machines launches Digital DNA

    Says technology will make it easy to produce highly realistic digital humans in minutes.

    Written by Divina Paredes14 Dec. 18 10:06
  • Watson goes to work at Auckland’s Viaduct

    IBM showcases its latest Watson-enabled artificial intelligence and emerging technologies in its new office at Wynyard Quarter

    Written by Divina Paredes07 April 17 10:46
  • I, Robot

    Banks are exploring artificial intelligence as a way to supplement call centre staff and cut expenses amid the rising cost of capital, escalating labour costs and demanding customers threatening to dent their stellar earnings.
    Australian start-up MyCyberTwin, which creates three-dimensional computer characters known as avatars bearing artificial intelligence, is holding trials with a number of big banks seeking to clone aspects of their best customer service representatives. It hopes to close agreement with at least one early next year.

    Written by Agnes King08 Dec. 07 22:00