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  • Here's what two executive surveys revealed about blockchain adoption

    While some expressed trepidation around regulatory uncertainty and a lack of standards, a large portion of enterprise executives said their companies are well on their way to deploying blockchain to enable new efficiencies.

    Written by Lucas Mearian30 Aug. 18 15:16
  • World Bank launches world-first blockchain bond

    The prototype deal, dubbed a "Bondi" bond - standing for Blockchain Operated New Debt Instrument as well as a reference to Australia's most famous beach - is being viewed as an initial step in moving bond sales away from manual processes towards faster and cheaper automation.

    Written by Reuters24 Aug. 18 05:48
  • 6 ERP trends for 2018

    Organisations are ditching side books and upping compliance audits while exploring the impact AI, blockchain and augmented reality will have on their enterprise resource planning systems.

    Written by Bruce Harpham04 July 18 09:17
  • CIO upfront: How CX is driving banks to new technology

    Regulations, coupled with the introduction of new payments platforms and the emergence of new technologies like AI and blockchain, are altering how people bank and what they expect from banking services in fundamental ways, writes Richard Parker of Unisys

    Written by CIO New Zealand20 June 18 11:41
  • Cryptocurrency prices are all in the mind

    ​The volatility of cryptocurrencies has become something of a joke. The fact its value bounces around like a kangaroo in a clown car has given rise to countless memes about the emotional toll of being an investor.

    Written by George Nott23 May 18 09:00
  • Kiwi to head digital strategy at Emirates Bank in Dubai

    My role revolves around working with emerging technology and delivering an infectious energy derived from the startup industry on the roadmap for the bank's digital journey, says Leigh Flounders.

    Written by CIO New Zealand11 April 18 05:26
  • Governments eye their own blockchain cryptocurrencies

    This year will see the maturation of blockchain, as 2017's pilot projects turn into 2018's real-world implementations in a variety of industries. That includes governments, some of whom are now testing cryptocurrencies as fiat money.

    Written by Lucas Mearian09 Feb. 18 22:11