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  • CIO upfront: Why many business models need to radically shift

    The core question for many established firms is whether they can service in the long run by just focusing on and defending their current business model, or whether they have to make a fundamental change in the way they create and appropriate value.

    Written by Carsten Linz, Guenter Mueller-Stewens and Alexander Zimmermann21 Nov. 17 06:30
  • ANZ digital chief: Being awesome at data analytics a 'no brainer'

    Companies that are forthright with digital transformation progress and understand the power of data analytics, will be the success stories of the 21st century, says Maile Carnegie, head of digital at ANZ Banking Group.

    Written by Divina Paredes26 Sept. 17 05:30
  • 6 executive communication tips for C-suite success

    Yes, your strong communication skills helped you climb the corporate ladder, but now that you’ve made it, thriving in the C-suite requires a different set of communication skills to master.

    Written by Sarah K. White16 Sept. 17 07:00