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  • Why your car will be connected to the Internet by 2020

    As the capabilities of vehicle infotainment systems advance, and consumers come to expect information in real time, new car models are shipping with a basic system based on the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) paradigm.

    Written by Lucas Mearian09 April 15 05:08
  • MEMS sensors are the quiet heroes of CES

    They don’t make a lot of headlines, but the tiny sensors that track movement, orientation and pressure are the quiet heroes of the International CES.

    Written by James Niccolai06 Jan. 15 13:13
  • Study finds firmware plagued by poor encryption and backdoors

    The first large-scale analysis of a fundamental type of software known as firmware has revealed poor security practices that could present opportunities for hackers probing the "Internet of Things."

    Written by Jeremy Kirk12 Aug. 14 12:06