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  • 'Businesses want to be Amazon without doing Amazon'

    Amazon lost almost US$3 billion before turning its first profit, and took significant risks. So what risks are you willing to take? Can you put a portion of today’s business model at risk to create tomorrow’s?

    Written by Augie Ray11 Oct. 18 06:30
  • Brands on social crisis: 'The sky is falling!'

    Consumers (or even politicians) may voice polarising support or dissent but brands should assess the impact on their company bottom lines rather than assume that a vocal social response is negatively affecting their brand.

    Written by Jessica Liu15 May 17 07:00

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  • Maximize How You Individualize

    The CMO Council has partnered with SAP to bring you this report on how to map the operational gap in customer insight and experience, including detailed findings from a 32-question online audit of 245 senior marketing executives across 16 countries.

  • The Value of Social Data