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  • The bring-your-own-device fad is fading

    US companies are moving away from the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend that kicked off in earnest five years ago and had workers using their personal smartphones and tablets for work duties, according to a new study.

    Written by Matt Hamblen16 July 15 04:11
  • There's still a security disconnect on BYOD

    Corporate employees are taking a surprisingly lax approach towards security issues raised by the business use of personally owned mobile devices.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan12 July 14 03:12
  • Google Apps seen as critical for Fairfax cost cutting

    Fairfax Media plans to let its Microsoft Office licence wither away while the company makes Google Apps its primary productivity suite, according to Fairfax Media CIO Andrew Lam-Po-Tang.

    Written by Adam Bender07 May 14 13:29
  • IT departments won't exist in five years

    IT departments are quickly becoming consultancies in companies increasingly driven by consumer technology, and the control they once had over tech use is quickly dissipating.

    Written by Lucas Mearian05 June 13 13:11