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  • Survey says many companies want to phase out passwords

    Don't be surprised if your company decides to do away with password logins. A new survey has found that most organizations are leaning toward phasing out password authentication.

    Written by Michael Kan14 Oct. 16 12:07
  • ​Tech analysts, diplomats and brokers

    e-Spatial CIO Matti Seikkula and principal consultant Manu King have a more expansive remit than their peers. How they meld their technical and business prowess is key to the success of the spatial systems company.

    Written by Divina Paredes16 Oct. 15 07:00
  • Square's new Dashboard app can help you track your sales

    Square has been expanding into the world of small-business financial services, and on Tuesday it continued that push with the launch of a new mobile app to help business owners track their sales.

    Written by Katherine Noyes22 July 15 02:53
  • Toshiba execs resign in $US1.25bn accounting scandal

    Executives at electronics and industrial giant Toshiba resigned on Tuesday after a committee reviewing its earnings said the company padded its operating profit by about ¥156 billion ($US1.25 billion) over six years to the end of 2014.

    Written by Tim Hornyak21 July 15 20:30
  • Can GitHub really be worth $2 billion?

    If you’re looking to hire a developer, which is more important: her LinkedIn profile or samples of her code on GitHub?

    Written by Katherine Noyes17 June 15 08:02
  • Datameer adds governance tools for Hadoop analytics

    Datameer is giving its native Hadoop environment new data governance capabilities in an effort to help organizations tackle data quality, security and compliance problems stemming from the growing use of analytics tools by business users.

    Written by Katherine Noyes04 June 15 03:15
  • Think your management job is safe? Beware: the 'iCEO' is coming

    The prospect of automation has long sparked fears of jobs lost to robotic replacements, but typically such worries have focused on blue-collar and other low-level positions. Well, the Institute for the Future has a message for all those in the upper echelons feeling complacent about their job security: The iCEO is coming.

    Written by Katherine Noyes23 April 15 03:24
  • Europe reportedly ready to file antitrust charges against Google

    Europe's top antitrust chief is reportedly ready to file formal charges against Google accusing the company of violating the EU's antitrust laws, advancing a five-year investigation that could lead to fines or changes in Google's businesses overseas.

    Written by Zach Miners15 April 15 06:26