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  • CIO upfront: The CDO’s chief ally

    Deepak Selvaratnam writes about a partnership that is behind the success of many digital transformation programmes he has worked with over the past year.

    Written by Edited by Divina Paredes07 Nov. 16 08:00
  • Firms shun 'risky' offshore call centres for higher-cost local services

    Companies providing offshore contact centre services face a tough battle to win new business over the coming years, as demand in major markets is low, according to a new Ovum report.
    “Several new barriers to offshoring contact centre work have come to the fore and made it a riskier prospect for enterprises,” says Ovum lead analyst and report author Peter Ryan. “Enterprises feel the reduced prices simply don’t compensate for the potential to lose customers in these tough economic times.”

    Written by CIO New Zealand29 Oct. 11 22:00
  • Philips adopts goods return system

    Philips has rolled out ECN Group’s Enterprise Reverse Logistics (ERL) solution to over 100 Noel Leeming and Bond & Bond retail outlets.
    “Returns cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, explains Philips Consumer Lifestyle operations manager Roger Rowley. “When ECN offered us the chance to implement ERL with its web-based goods return authorisation (GRA) business process management tool, we jumped at the chance.”

    Written by Hamish Barwick26 Jan. 09 22:00
  • I, Robot

    Banks are exploring artificial intelligence as a way to supplement call centre staff and cut expenses amid the rising cost of capital, escalating labour costs and demanding customers threatening to dent their stellar earnings.
    Australian start-up MyCyberTwin, which creates three-dimensional computer characters known as avatars bearing artificial intelligence, is holding trials with a number of big banks seeking to clone aspects of their best customer service representatives. It hopes to close agreement with at least one early next year.

    Written by Agnes King08 Dec. 07 22:00