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  • Why CIOs should practice running IT like a CEO

    If you’re a functional CIO who wants to take the leap to become a business leader, the key is to take action. Behave as if you are in the business leader role before you have it.

    Written by Christie Struckman24 April 18 14:25
  • 6 executive communication tips for C-suite success

    Yes, your strong communication skills helped you climb the corporate ladder, but now that you’ve made it, thriving in the C-suite requires a different set of communication skills to master.

    Written by Sarah K. White16 Sept. 17 07:00
  • SkyCity has a new CIO

    Glen McLatchie of Meridian to take on role in April

    Written by Divina Paredes23 Dec. 15 11:37
  • CIO Upfront: A primer for mastering ‘multi-speed IT’

    CIOs who can build this capability into the DNA of their organisations have the opportunity to place IT – and themselves – at the epicentre of the digital business revolution, writes Nikhil Ravishankar of Accenture NZ.

    Written by Edited by Divina Paredes11 Nov. 15 07:32
  • ​Ross Hughson: Into the startup world

    The former CIO of Inland Revenue Department and Westpac NZ is now immersed in the world of business incubators, venture capitalists and crowdfunding.

    Written by Divina Paredes16 Oct. 15 06:00
  • Do you need another CEO?

    Emerging issues such as climate change, financial regulation, cybercrime and terrorism call for a new member of the C-suite - the Chief External Officer, according to new research. But can the job be done by current members of the executive team?

    Written by Divina Paredes09 March 15 04:00
  • Straight talk from the top

    CEOs talk about what they expect from CIOs - keep the lights on, be a futurist, understand what’s possible and communicate that to the business – top the list: Part 4 of our special report on the 2013 CIO Summit.

    Written by Stephen Bell and Divina Paredes13 Aug. 13 05:38