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  • Chef serves up devops for the enterprise

    If every business is now a software business, as the saying goes, then many companies might benefit by automating their routines for creating and updating the software that keeps them in business.

    Written by Joab Jackson02 April 15 03:42
  • Chef muscles up with Microsoft, Amazon

    Chef, a popular open source software program for managing the configuration settings of servers, software and other IT components, now can reach deeper into the data center with the help of some intertwined services from Microsoft, VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    Written by Joab Jackson09 Sept. 14 06:31
  • Chef cooks ups infrastructure testing tools

    Borrowing a technique from the software development community, Chef, maker of a popular system configuration tool, has released the first commercial software to support a new and supposedly more effective approach to managing hardware and software, called test-driven infrastructure.

    Written by Joab Jackson17 July 14 06:56