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    1. Mio DigiWalker C720t
    Never underestimate the difference an extra inch can make. Of all the GPS navigation devices we looked at in 2007 - and there were many - the widescreen Mio C520 is the one that impressed us the most. The Mio's slightly wider screen allows you to have a turn-by-turn description of your route, as well as the usual graphical depiction, both on the screen at the same time. The C720t, due in Australia in December, builds on that widescreen loveliness, and adds live traffic data to the turn-by-turn description. The $699 navigator tunes in to "traffic message channel" radio broadcasts (available only in Melbourne, but due to reach other Australian cities in 2008) to warn you when the planned route is congested with traffic. And if you do get stuck in a bottleneck, you can always use the C720t's widescreen to watch movies.

    Written by John Davidson08 Dec. 07 22:00