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  • CIO Roundtable: ‘How intelligent systems are driving innovation’

    ICT leaders gathered at SkyCity's The Grill to discuss how their organisation uses data-driven techniques like predictive analytics and machine learning to enhance productivity, develop new products and services, and improve business outcomes.

    Written by Divina Paredes23 Sept. 15 07:00
  • CIO Upfront: Is your influence tool chest missing this effective approach?

    We often hear about the need to influence others to help achieve our job and business goals. What we don’t really hear much about is how we should do that, Campbell Such, GM IT for Bidvest, offers three practical ideas to consider as useful additions to the way you present your proposals.

    Written by Campbell Such30 March 15 06:00
  • Transforming the workplace

    ICT executives discuss the impact of new collaboration tools on the enterprise, and the skills needed to succeed in this new environment, in a CIO roundtable with Spark Digital.

    Written by Divina Paredes19 Dec. 14 09:36
  • Mobile technologies as true business enablers

    Inroads in mobile technologies have left no industry unspared. But only when internal and external users are included in mobility deployments do they become true business enablers, according to IT leaders at a CIO roundtable in Wellington.

    Written by Divina Paredes25 Aug. 14 06:00
  • Lessons on millennials and mobility

    What trends and practices are happening in education and banking that other industries will be facing when this new generation dominates the workforce in the not so distant future?

    Written by Divina Paredes06 Aug. 14 06:22
  • A platform for growth and innovation

    Mobile first is fast becoming the default setting in today’s organisations. This new environment, however, requires mature planning and execution of programmes around mobile applications and devices. ICT executives from across New Zealand talk about the new business outcomes and challenges in this space, at a recent CIO roundtable held in conjunction with Unisys.

    Written by Divina Paredes21 July 14 10:30
  • In pictures: CIO roundtable on 'Preparing for the next phase of mobility'

    Finance industry executives discuss the impact of mobility programmes – including the rise of BYOD - in both the workplace and in their programmes across channels. This is the first of a series of CIO roundtable discussions on the topic in conjunction with Samsung. Photos by Jason Creaghan

    Written by Divina Paredes06 June 14 14:23
  • In pictures: CIO roundtable: ‘The intersection of business technology and customer strategy’

    What are some of the changes you have observed – both in your organisation and your business partners – on the demands and expectations of customers? What technologies are you deploying to facilitate engagement with your customers? What are your views on location based services?
    These are just some of the topics tackled in a recent CIO roundtable held in association with Ruckus Wireless. Photos by Jason Creaghan

    Written by Divina Paredes03 March 14 10:26
  • Sponsored feature: Avoiding a process crisis

    Could the All Blacks be a fitting model for process management? This insight cropped up at a recent CIO roundtable held in association with Promapp.

    Written by CIO New Zealand13 Feb. 14 08:30
  • In pictures: CIO roundtable: ‘Avoiding a process crisis’

    What programmes, strategies and/or roles do you have in place to drive quality, improvement and process excellence at your organisation? What is the role of the CIO in these programmes? These are some of the topics discussed at the CIO roundtable held in association with Promapp.

    Written by Divina Paredes29 Nov. 13 07:45
  • Rethinking the worst case

    How have business continuity strategies evolved in the new technology landscape of cloud and virtualisation? A panel of CIOs share their insights, and how they managed the raft of incidents impacting New Zealand enterprises in the past year.

    Written by Divina Paredes26 Nov. 13 07:17