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  • How CIOs can align IT with business strategy

    Having an excellent IT strategy can be good for nothing unless is aligned with the business strategy of your company. We examine what IT governance is all about and which frameworks you can implement in your organisation

    Written by Cristina Lago16 Nov. 18 06:58
  • Bitcoin is 10 years old today

    Bitcoin’s popularity has waned somewhat in recent months, as its current price of £4,908 (US$6,337) is a long way below it’s all-time high of just over $20,000 on 17 December last year.

    Written by By Sean Bradley02 Nov. 18 03:30
  • AI versus humans in the fight against cybercrime

    Or why the future of cybersecurity might be one where algorithms occasionally augmented by human intelligence do battle against one another, writes Andrew Huntley of Barracuda Networks

    Written by CIO New Zealand19 Oct. 18 08:28

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