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  • CIO spotlight: Glen McLatchie of SkyCity

    This CIO’s success calls for a balancing act in the era of unceasing change - transforming the ICT function in an organisation that is facing a raft of disruption

    Written by Divina Paredes29 Jan. 19 06:30
  • 5 top digital transformation trends for 2019

    Watch out for the fading of the term ‘digital transformation’ as a standalone marketing term, reports Claus Mortensen of Ecosystm

    Written by Divina Paredes03 Dec. 18 06:50
  • How CIOs can align IT with business strategy

    Having an excellent IT strategy can be good for nothing unless is aligned with the business strategy of your company. We examine what IT governance is all about and which frameworks you can implement in your organisation

    Written by Cristina Lago16 Nov. 18 06:58
  • The CIO voice in the boardroom: The skills you need to be heard

    A savvy CIO boardroom influencer will boost cross-departmental collaboration. Not just to increase efficiency or cut costs but to create true partnerships at the top where they can demonstrate leadership, writes Rosie Cairnes of Skillsoft

    Written by CIO New Zealand08 Oct. 18 06:30

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