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  • The CIO coach

    I’ve had an amazing career over 19 years as a chief information officer across Australia, Japan, USA, China and the Asia Pacific. This has included roles in the insurance, banking and pharmaceuticals sectors, and during this time I’ve met thousands of CIOs at the global, regional and country level.

    Written by David Gee16 April 18 10:46
  • Switched on CIO: Simon Clarke of Trustpower

    Simon Clarke treaded quite an unusual career path – corporate lawyer, CEO, and now general manager business solutions and technology for Trustpower.

    Written by Divina Paredes02 March 15 06:00
  • How CSOs Can Help CIOs Talk Security to the Board

    Most CIOs are not security experts, but in the board room they need to be. Thanks to the CSO, , they don't have to go it alone. Behind the scenes, they can help prepare the CIO, offering advice on how to interpret the company's threat levels, boiling down the most relevant information and communicating it, early and often, so the C-suite will pay attention.

    Written by Lauren Brousell22 Nov. 14 02:50
  • CIO, CMO and lawyer collaboration in the ‘age of the customer’

    Businesses that are customer obsessed and digitally driven are the winners in the digital economy. But the battle can be won if disruptive technologies are employed and everyone works together, writes IT lawyer Jennie Vickers.

    Written by Jennie Vickers20 Aug. 14 11:47
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  • Why bimodal IT kills your culture and adds complexity

    Bimodal IT is gaining acceptance at some multi-billion-dollar corporations but Forrester Research says it’s the wrong approach at a time when customer preferences for digital technologies are forcing companies to move faster.

    Written by Clint Boulton19 April 16 04:26
  • What CIOs Need to Know Before Relying on Startups

    It seems there's a startup for everything these days. Sure, there are benefits from introducing new, more efficient systems to your enterprise, but there are also technical, financial and practical considerations before signing on with a startup tech company. Here are the pros and cons.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell26 Feb. 14 16:19
  • CIOs as Business Leaders

    How can CIOs demonstrate their ability to lead business initiatives that transcend IT?

    Written by CIO Executive Council05 Jan. 10 08:05

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