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  • Cisco snaps up streaming-data startup Perspica

    Cisco today announced plans to acquire San Jose-based startup Perspica, a company that specializes in using machine learning to analyze streams of data. Cisco says it will integrate the Perspica technology into its AppDynamics product, which provides network and application monitoring and analytics.

    Written by Brandon Butler20 Oct. 17 03:38
  • Spark NZ and Cisco boost partnership

    Spark subsidiary Telegistics also named as a new distributor of Cisco products and services in NZ.

    Written by CIO New Zealand04 Sept. 17 11:41
  • A CIO’s game plan for leading through digital disruption

    “We are an IT shop just like anybody else, but we happen to be doing it for one of the world's largest tech companies,” says Julie Canepa, CIO for Cisco in Australia and New Zealand.

    Written by Divina Paredes28 Aug. 17 07:00
  • What is intent-based networking?

    Cisco this week jumped head-first into the intent-based networking market, saying the technology that uses machine learning and advanced automation to control networks could be a “paradigm” shift in how networks are managed. But what exactly is intent-based networking?

    Written by Brandon Butler24 June 17 02:14
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  • Cisco will jettison 5,500 jobs

    During its earnings announcement the company said total revenue was $48.7 billion, an increase of 3% over last year. Still the company faces challenges in its core switching and routing business.

    Written by Michael Cooney18 Aug. 16 06:47
  • Cisco uncovers security threat in industrial control system

    Cisco’s security intelligence and research group Talos, said that it had reported a serious vulnerability in Rockwell Automation’s industrial control system – the MicroLogix 1400 programmable logic controller (PLC).
    The Simple Network Management Protocol exploit could let an attacker take complete remote control of the MicroLogix system and modify the device firmware, letting an invader run his own malicious code on the device.

    Written by Michael Cooney16 Aug. 16 02:57
  • 10 Internet of Things companies to watch

    It's good to be an Internet of Things startup these days, as investments from Cisco, Nokia, Verizon and others show. Here's a look at 10 IoT companies that could make an impact on the consumer and/or enterprise market.

    Written by Bob Brown13 April 16 03:30
  • CIOs vastly underestimate extent of shadow IT

    Most CIOs have an inkling that employees in their enterprise have snuck a few applications past the IT department, but a new study by Cisco indicates that they are vastly underestimating the extent that unauthorized apps and services have infiltrated the network.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin10 Aug. 15 23:30

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