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  • 7 tips to becoming a successful CISO

    Todd Bell looks back at his years in the security industry and offers up these seven tactics that will help you stay atop the field.

    Written by Todd Bell13 Nov. 15 08:10
  • The future of cybersecurity

    John-Paul Sikking, head of security at Cisco, says the GDP of some nations, including New Zealand, seems paltry compared to the cost of cybercrime. Enterprises – and their leaders all the way to the boardroom – need to be asking tough questions, and make everyone accountable for cybersecurity.

    Written by Divina Paredes30 April 15 06:00
  • The top cyber risks for NZ in an interconnected world

    New Zealand organisations lead in awareness of cybersecurity risks, and bringing these to the attention of the board, according to the 2015 Global Information Security Survey. But they need to scale up on key areas to keep constantly evolving cybersecurity threats at bay.

    Written by Divina Paredes30 Dec. 14 06:00
  • The evolution of the CISO role and organizational readiness

    If we look at the headlines surrounding recent data breaches, we might conclude that the role of the chief information security officer (CISO) has never been more critical to the success and sustained well-being of an organization. As a by-product of this statement, we also might surmise that the information security organization and where it reports into is also important. This is probably why every recent CISO event includes a conversation about where the CISO and information security program should reside within an organization. The challenge is that however healthy the debate, the question about where the CISO and his/her department should report generally ends with, 'it depends'. To shift from a debate to productive action, maybe the question is not where should the CISO report into [<a

    Written by By Brian Engle29 Oct. 14 00:56
  • Five CISO skills critical to your success in the next five years

    There's certainly no shortage of claims regarding the current shortfall of cybersecurity professionals. These findings show up repeatedly in our surveys, most recently the 2014 Global Information Security Survey and the 2013 State of the CSO, which both revealed that the demand for skilled IT security professionals continues to strain organizations' ability to fill security positions. Finding skilled information security workers was identified as one of the greatest challenges for 31 percent of large companies.

    Written by George V. Hulme14 Aug. 14 01:51
  • Mark Weatherford: The Veteran

    Weatherford, a principal at The Chertoff Group, understands security from both governmental and commercial perspectives

    Written by Lauren Gibbons Paul23 Oct. 13 19:08