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  • Six amazing advances in cloud technology

    The Cloud is more than just dirt-cheap data storage and lightning-fast apps. These six innovations show that it's possible to manage servers, develop applications, run virtual machines and even sequence the human genome using cloud technology.

    Written by John Brandon15 April 14 02:09
  • How to plan now for hybrid cloud management

    There's no question that cloud computing will be the trend to alter organizations' infrastructure the most over the next few years, especially as firms transition from basic server virtualization to the private cloud. But today these environments are still relatively immature, acting as two distinct entities; applications are deployed in one or the other. But private cloud will not be the end of the road for cloud computing. Over the next three years, leading edge IT shops will start blurring the boundaries between public and private IaaS environments, so that applications can move between them based on immediate needs and economics-known as hybrid cloud. Enterprise architects can begin planning for this now by creating a road map that lays out the necessary capabilities for a hybrid cloud and using these to evaluate the capabilities provided by today's vendors and products.

    Written by Galen Schreck04 May 11 02:19
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  • VMware: We're aiming to be a top 3 Cloud provider

    Gartner's annual Magic Quadrant is a sort of who's who of the cloud computing market. And while VMware made the company's most recent list, it didn't receive the highest of marks.

    Written by Brandon Butler25 June 14 04:18

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  • SaaS and Cloud ERP Observations

    Organizations are more willing now than ever before to consider Cloud and SaaS ERP deployment models. As a growing company it is critical that you have a deployment model that best fits your requirements for cost, scalability and flexibility. In this whitepaper, we look at the increased willingness of organisations to consider the SaaS model for their ERP solutions; current ERP deployment statistics, and why SaaS may be attractive to smaller companies.

  • Deliver Protection and Elasticity for your Network