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  • More New Zealand businesses shift to the cloud: IDC

    “The big winner will be cloud-based services. There is a strong appetite for services that drive cloud and cloud integration, as well as investments in a strong network to enable these solutions," says Donnie Krassiyenko, IT services market analyst for IDC.

    Written by Divina Paredes17 May 15 23:00
  • Six amazing advances in cloud technology

    The Cloud is more than just dirt-cheap data storage and lightning-fast apps. These six innovations show that it's possible to manage servers, develop applications, run virtual machines and even sequence the human genome using cloud technology.

    Written by John Brandon15 April 14 02:09
  • DiData announces Cloud connection service

    Dimension Data has announced the availability of Cloud private network connection (CPNC) as an add-on service for its enterprise-class public, private and managed hosting cloud offerings.

    Written by Sathya Mithra Ashok24 March 14 07:57
Features about cloud services
  • Cloud wars heating up in 2014

    Google, Amazon and Microsoft have all made strategic moves to gain cloud market share -- and the 'cloud wars' are only getting started.

    Written by Sharon Florentine12 March 14 13:42

Whitepapers about cloud services

  • Beyond the Password

    ​This paper explores how enterprises can move beyond the password (something the user ‘knows’) to an intelligent authentication process that eliminates the risk of weak and vulnerable passwords. It works by cross-validating with other authentication methods like a physical item such as a token or smartphone (something the user ‘has’) and/or a personal attribute like a fingerprint or retina scan (something the user ‘is’). Two-factor (2FA) authentication and multifactor authentication (MFA) are now possible with intelligent authentication across corporate software, Cloud services and smart device apps.

  • 2013 Trends to Watch: Cloud Services

  • 50 Questions When Considering The Cloud