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  • CIO upfront: We need to chat about chatbots

    Chatbot developers can differentiate themselves from the pack - using one of the most time-tested communication methods, writes Brodie Wooler of FaceMe

    Written by CIO New Zealand03 May 19 10:00
  • When machines collude

    Troy Pilkington, Sarah Keene, Liz Blythe, Zoe Sims and Chris Brunt of Russell McVeagh write about a critical facet of using AI in business.

    Written by CIO New Zealand20 March 19 06:30
  • Moving from analogue to digital, or how to balance old with new

    The top challenge? You simply can’t walk away from existing clients, existing services that they buy and the cash flow that they produce, while simultaneously repositioning yourself for the digital world

    Written by Owen McCall22 Nov. 18 06:30
  • The science behind, and risk of, going with your gut

    Sometimes the ‘now’ can be very powerful. Good decision-making for the future is often compromised by our impulse to pursue instant gratification — at the expense of better long-term outcomes, writes Bob Weir of Pinpoint Business

    Written by CIO New Zealand24 Oct. 18 15:30

Whitepapers about competition

  • Top 25 Best Examples of Gamification in Business

    Gamification is used to motivate employees, create healthy competition among teams, generate buzz or social proof, and encourage customer loyalty, among other benefits. This whitepaper lists the top 25 examples of gamification to help spark creativity, collaboration and efficiency.