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  • The seven deadly sins of network security

    Anyone worth their salt in information security will tell you a solid defence is built upon multiple layers of technology, policy and practice. That's defence - in-depth.
    The technology layers are a critical piece of that puzzle -- of course. But companies that suffer a major network breach have frequently failed on a more fundamental level. Here are the deadly network security sins experts say are rampant in the corporate world. Avoid these sins and you will have taken a critical step toward a secure network.

    Written by Bill Brenner10 Dec. 08 22:00
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  • Warming up to SaaS

    Renting software and accessing it through a website sounds like a good idea and has been pushed endlessly by sections of the IT industry, but the idea has been having trouble gaining traction.
    But analysts now seem to have a better fix on the SaaS (Software as a Service) trend and they say small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) are coming on board.

    Written by Helen Meredith28 Sept. 07 22:00

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