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  • What to expect at's Dreamforce, in pictures's annual Dreamforce conference will kick off next week in San Francisco, and with a reported 120,000 people registered to attend in person and virtually, it will be the cloud software vendor's biggest shindig yet.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus12 Nov. 13 20:10
  • BYOD's Battle Royale Pits IT vs. Employee

    IT departments want to control the devices employees bring into the workplace. Employees say, 'my device, my rules.' It's an epic battle that promises to rage on, but who's winning right now? Check out this infographic for a BYOD scorecard.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige06 Nov. 13 14:39
  • to offer private version of its AppExchange app store has long had a public AppExchange software marketplace, but now it's going to give customers the ability to create their own private AppExchanges where employees can download applications to use in their jobs.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus31 Oct. 13 12:01
  • Unlocking Mobile Devices Could Give BYOD a Boost

    As consumers (and workers) grow increasingly dependent on mobile devices and BYOD becomes more prevalent in the enterprise, the Obama administration is asking federal regulators to require carriers to unlock devices upon request, making them available on other networks.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin19 Sept. 13 14:00
  • How the Snowden Effect Is Paralyzing CIOs

    Whether you describe Edward Snowden as a hero or a criminal, theres no denying the impact that this self-described computer wizard is having on IT leaders. After all, if even the NSA can fall victim to a tech-savvy millennial, how can they defend their data?

    Written by Tom Kaneshige21 Aug. 13 17:31
  • A visual guide to identifying the hidden costs of BYOD

    When it comes to mobile devices, hidden costs are everywhere. There's a good chance your company is paying for something it shouldn't be, and this infographic will help you spot the unintended financial consequences of employee mobility.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige08 Aug. 13 21:36
  • CIOs need to push BYOD policies to lure millennials

    In less than two years, millennials will make up the largest segment of the workforce. If you hope to attract GenY technology professionals, your IT strategy better include a bring-your-own-device plan that plays to the strengths of this tech-dependent generation.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige05 Aug. 13 21:43
  • Are businesses rushing to BYOD too quickly?

    A survey of IT executives and IT pros paints a disturbing picture of BYOD. That picture includes a lack of confidence in compliance with federally mandated regulations, a fear that sensitive data is at risk and uncertainty about the overall effectiveness of BYOD.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige30 July 13 18:20
  • BYOD runs wild at most global companies

    More than three quarters in survey said their organisations had not trained employees to understand the privacy risks of BYOD

    Written by John P. Mello18 July 13 13:33
  • IT departments won't exist in five years

    IT departments are quickly becoming consultancies in companies increasingly driven by consumer technology, and the control they once had over tech use is quickly dissipating.

    Written by Lucas Mearian05 June 13 13:11
  • Why VPN logs don't measure worker performance

    Yahoo recently made waves when CEO Marissa Mayer revoked all work-from-home arrangements and mandated that employees show up at the office. However, the real-world data Mayer reportedly based her decision upon is not a valid metric for work-from-home performance.

    Written by Tony Bradley19 March 13 14:13