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  • Spotlight on 'Rogue IT'

    A discussion on ‘raising the strategic profile of IT’ at the CIO Summit morphed into a treatise on how CIOs are managing the multiple layers of an in-house/cloud/mobile/BYOD environment. The backdrop to what is variously called “shadow”, “stealth”, or “rogue” IT; the term refers to technology used by employees without clearance or even knowledge by the IT team.

    Written by Stephen Bell and Divina Paredes14 Aug. 13 06:26
  • Champions of change

    The convergence of major technology trends makes the CIO role more valuable and complex than ever. The recent CIO Summit tackles strategies to lead through this new and constantly shifting platform of the cloud, social, mobile, and big data.

    Written by Stephen Bell and Divina Paredes04 Aug. 13 15:59