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  • CIO upfront: The CDO’s chief ally

    Deepak Selvaratnam writes about a partnership that is behind the success of many digital transformation programmes he has worked with over the past year.

    Written by Edited by Divina Paredes07 Nov. 16 08:00
  • When innovators and implementers work together

    Sometimes, the best solution to an operational problem is already being applied in another sector – the key is to build teams that will recognise this possibility, writes IT lawyer Jennie Vickers.

    Written by Jennie Vickers21 March 16 07:00
  • Customer service key to the future of banking: CIOs

    Mobility, security and outsourcing top the list of technology priorities in the finance sector, according to a panel of IT leaders from ANZ, CBA and Greater Building society.

    Written by Lisa Banks07 May 10 15:59
  • IT departments do not deliver 'great' IT

    More than 40 per cent of CIOs do not believe their departments deliver 'great' IT, and 44 per cent still have no say in strategic decision making, according to a recent report.
    The results of the research make a direct correlation between involving IT directors in strategic decision-making, and how effective IT directors perceive their departments to be. The research, commissioned by business management solutions company Touchpaper, was conducted on CIOs and IT directors in the UK private and public sectors.

    Written by Sarah Aryanpur17 Feb. 08 22:00
  • The e-government evolution

    Central and local government agencies in New Zealand score significantly higher for "responsiveness" in online mode than their Australian counterparts, according to a survey conducted by Otago University associate professor Robin Gauld last year.
    Efficiency in responding to citizens’ queries and handling the transactions they wish to (or are obliged to) conduct is one of the objectives and one of the measures of the success of e-government, say a number of international government commentators, including US President George Bush, according to Gauld.

    Written by Stephen Bell11 Feb. 08 22:00
  • How mobile logistics can streamline your business

    Field service automation is one of the most advanced areas for mobile applications development among enterprises, and at US$280-million-per year laundry services provider Mac-Gray, IT managers say such a project has helped the company clean up both its operations and fuel growth.
    Tracing its roots back to 1927, when the publicly-held company became the nation’s first certified distributor of Maytag brand washing machines, Mac-Gray currently provides laundry outsourcing services to an estimated 58,000 U.S. locations.

    Written by Matt Hines25 July 07 22:00