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  • Upgraded Atlas robot still no disaster superman

    The U.S. military has upgraded its humanoid rescue robot, but the improvements highlight how far the machine has to go in order be useful in disaster zones.

    Written by Tim Hornyak21 Jan. 15 22:21
  • Seven ways DARPA is trying to kill the password

    A seemingly constant stream of data breaches and this week's news that Russian hackers have amassed a database of 1.2 billion Internet credentials has many people asking: Isn't it time we dumped the user name and password?

    Written by Martyn Williams11 Aug. 14 09:01
  • The Internet of Things brings far-reaching security threats

    Security pros routinely cite poor cyber hygiene as one of their top concerns. But if they're lying awake at night worried about lazy passwords and software updates going ignored, just think of the headaches that will come once thermostats, pacemakers and just about everything else comes online.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin08 Aug. 14 22:53
  • US funding for key IT research programs could be slashed

    While the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency may get more money in 2015 to study sensors and robots for use in warfare, the hot area of cognitive computing research could lose out.

    Written by Agam Shah05 March 14 21:39
  • DARPA makes finding software vulnerabilities fun

    The U.S. Defense Department may have found a new way to scan millions of lines of software code for vulnerabilities, namely by turning the practice into a set of video games and puzzles and have volunteers do the work.

    Written by Joab Jackson06 Dec. 13 21:56
  • Lapsing of Moore's Law opens up opportunity in chip design

    As the trend famously codified by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore -- that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every two years -- seems to be flagging, one top engineer suggests that it is time to rethink chip design to buy performance increases.

    Written by Agam Shah27 Aug. 13 18:47