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  • Google taps AI to help you bid for digital ads

    Real-time bidding is an aspect of digital marketing that can seem overly complex for the average bear, so it was only a matter of time before AI entered the picture.

    Written by Katherine Noyes27 July 16 07:10
  • Most marketers miss mark with mobile messaging

    Consumers are inundated with notifications from all types of mobile messaging services, and though many will engage with businesses that use relevant alerts, most organizations don't capitalize on the opportunity.

    Written by Matt Kapko28 May 16 00:22
  • Facebook aims to kill banner ads, but will the industry follow?

    Facebook backpedaled on its ad-buying business for publishers after the company discovered an overwhelming volume of poor and fraudulent ads. However, banner ads and other 'valueless' ads won't simply disappear from the Web, regardless of Facebook's stance.

    Written by Matt Kapko11 March 16 07:50
Features about digital advertising
  • How social networks are changing mobile advertising

    For digital marketers, the road to riches on mobile screens has been long and riddled with holes of divergence. But the pursuit, which harkens back to the pre-smartphone era, has gotten more promising thanks to social media.

    Written by Matt Kapko21 Aug. 14 05:37