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  • Dropbox adds U2F support for better security

    Two-factor authentication is often held up as a best practice for security in the online world, but Dropbox on Wednesday announced a new feature that's designed to make it even tougher.

    Written by Katherine Noyes13 Aug. 15 06:06
  • Dropbox for Business to get mobile management boost

    Security remains a big concern for businesses considering cloud storage, but Dropbox hopes to further calm their fears by integrating its service with enterprise mobile management products.

    Written by Katherine Noyes17 June 15 04:23
  • Dropbox adds new features to woo enterprise users

    Dropbox wants to gain a stronger foothold in the enterprise, and on Thursday it rolled out several new Dropbox for Business features that sweeten the deal for corporate users.

    Written by Katherine Noyes05 June 15 05:05
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  • You’ve got data

    Around the table:

    Written by Edited by Divina Paredes08 April 09 22:00

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