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  • U2 tours with all-flash array to rock latest video effects

    Irish rockers, U2, are continuing to innovate in their use of video on the current Innocence + Experience tour, and behind the scenes is some extremely high-performance, all-flash technology.

    Written by Elizabeth Heichler18 July 15 02:03
  • Bit by bit, Intel looks to quadruple SSD storage

    With all the photos, videos, apps and tunes you have, the storage on your smartphone may not be enough. With that in mind, Intel is researching new ways to up the storage capacity in mobile devices and PCs without hurting the size or price of devices.

    Written by Agam Shah31 March 15 02:50
  • Samsung jumps into external SSD market

    It took longer than expected, but Samsung is finally expanding its product line to external solid-state drives with its new range of Portable SSD T1 products.

    Written by Agam Shah06 Jan. 15 09:05